Hyperhidrosis doctor


Choose Your Hyperhidrosis Doctor

With the assistance of the correct hyperhidrosis doctor, majority of the cases have been managed successfully. Finding the right doctor for your case will greatly depend on your condition’s severity as well as how it responded to the previous treatments used. But whatever kind of hyperhidrosis doctor you select, it is still crucial for you to find someone who is understanding, supportive and has a wide experience in curing hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is commonly treated first using non-surgical methods including the use of oral medication, aluminium chloride antiperspirants, botox, and others. However, there are instances when these treatments fail to deliver good results and when this happens, the best thing to do is to look for a hyperhidrosis doctor, preferably a cardiovascular surgeon who will be able to put an end to your sweaty problem.

Similar with other kinds of surgery, choosing a skilled cardiovascular surgeon is critical, and you need to ensure that he has a wide experience in this kind of procedure and he will also make sure that you are totally aware of the possible complications and risks that the process may entail. He will diagnose you through comprehensive physical examination and a detailed look at the history of your condition. He will ask several questions associated to your problem in excessive sweating so that he will be able to determine the extent of the problem’s severity. This will serve as his guide in determining cardiovascular procedure will best suit your case.

A hyperhidrosis doctor can perform several surgical approaches in order to cure your case of hyperhidrosis, including retrodermal curettage, laser sweat ablation, and the Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy.

Dr. Farshad Malekmehr is a skilled and professional cardiovascular surgeon that can certainly help you ensure that your hyperhidrosis is going to come to an end the soonest time possible for you to enjoy a literally sweat-free life in the future.