Here are some testimonials from our patients:

Dear Dr. Malekmehr,

I’m writing this to you now to give you my testimonial for my surgery. I had my surgery back in June of 2000 and I have been happy ever since. For your patients to know, I was 24 when I had this surgery and had suffered from this problem my whole life. It was really embarrassing and annoying to deal with, especially while in high school. I lived in the desert so the temp for more than half the year was high 90s or hotter. This of course didn’t help with my sweating, although my hands would sweat even when I would just look at them. I could fill up a tall glass with sweat within a 2 minute time span, sometimes less. I would consistently where clothes that I could dry my hands on or cover the sweat from my underarms.

When I had the surgery my son was 3 months old and even in that short time I hated the fact that his clothes would be soaking wet from me. Some people thought that his diaper leaked and I would have to laugh and play it off cool, but deep down I was embarassed and humiliated. After I had the sugery I felt like a brand new person. My hands were not only dry, but warm. That was a first, and it was one of the happiest days of my life. To this day my hands are still dry, my underarms are better than 60% what they were and my feet are 50% better. I had some compensatory sweating for about 2 1/2 months and it was not nearly as bad as my hands use to be. By the second day I was back to caring for my son completely and nursing him. So inclusion, I would recommend this surgery to every one with no doubt in my mind that they will see an incrediable change and be happy with the results.

Thank you so much for this life altering change. No words could ever tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me.

M. Larimore

I hope this will help your patients when they are thinking about this surgery. Also, I feel great after talking to people when they call and I tell them my experience. Michelle

I would like to thank Dr. Malekmehr and his amazing staff at the White Memorial Medical Center for successfully eliminating the problem of sweaty hands and feet from my life. I have had this problem for over 40 years, and now, at age 49, my life has changed dramatically. I had ETS by clamping in July 2000 by Dr. Malekmehr. The procedure went as well as expected. My hands are completely dry and my feet are also very dry. I also have almost no compensatory sweating. Prior to the surgery, the simple act of shaking hands or holding hands brought severe anxiety and emotional discomfort to me. After the simple surgery, (I was playing golf three days after the surgery), my hands and feet are as dry as Arizona in July and I feel renewed with confidence in myself. Thank you Dr. Malekmehr. — F.B.

Letter from a pair of 16 year old twin sisters:

Hello Dr. Malekmehr,

First, we want to thank you for everything you did for us while we were in Los Angeles. Our surgical procedure was a tremendous success and we have you to thank. We are including a short diary of the first three days after our surgery, which we think you may be interested in. It is currently Sunday October 29th a little more than a week since we had our procedures done. We have not had any complications at all, no compensatory sweating, no hand sweating or anything! Our incisions are healing well, the steri strips are off and they look good. We couldn’t be happier with the result. It is exactly what we expected and was so completely worth it, it’s wonderful! Just this weekend at church we were able to participate in my Dad’s program which included a lot of hand holding with others and we were able to do it! We wouldn’t have before. We can be normal now thanks to you. Please tell your staff how much we appreciated their kindness and helpfulness. Everyone was so kind, which really made our stay much better. The staff in the same day surgery area were great, please thank them for us as well. Dr. Karass the anesthesiologist was wonderful. She is perfect for these types of procedures and she really made us comfortable as well as our parents. The whole experience was just what we hoped for. Thanks so much. Ashlee and Kirstee Hurt

Day One: 
We flew into LAX and drove to see Dr. Malekmehr for the first time. We had never met him before, but felt we knew him from the emails and phone calls. He was very nice and friendly and he explained everything about the surgery to our parents and us. He said that it would take about 2-3 hours to do each one of us, a little longer than we thought, but he explained that it was a very delicate type of surgery. There are quite a few possible complications that can happen, but we trust Dr. Malekmehr and his staff and are ready to have this done. We drove to the hospital and checked out where we were to be in the morning so we would know where to go. We got registered with the hospital, had some pre surgery blood work done, talked to the Anesthesiologist and had a chest x-ray.

Day Two: This is the day! We stayed at the Embassy Suites hotel right by the airport which only took us about 30 minutes to get to the hospital, but we still had to get up at 5 am to get to the hospital in time for the first surgery. We had decided that Kirstee was going to be first, she is a little more nervous about things like this than Ashlee is so she wanted to get it over with first. We arrived at the hospital a few minutes past 6 am. Kirstee got changed into the hospital gown and had an IV started in her hand. The nurse was very good at starting it and it didn’t hurt. We met with the Dr. Karass the anesthesiologist who would be putting us to sleep and immediately liked her. My dad is a CRNA and instantly liked her too. She is really friendly and makes you feel at ease. She has a very caring attitude and we know she will take good care of us. It’s kind of scary going for surgery, but this is something we both really want so it is worth it. Kirstee went into surgery at 7:30 am. I remember scooting over onto the operating table, having Dr. Karass tell me that I will be going to sleep now and have good dreams, and the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room with Dr. Malekmehr talking to me. He wanted me to open my eyes wide to make sure I didn’t have a complication called Horner’s syndrome. Neither of us did. They gave me some pain medication, and had soft music playing. Our parents were there waiting for us which they really liked. I wanted everyone to leave me alone so I could sleep. The only real pain we had was taking big breaths. My sister Ashlee was in the recovery area when I came in because she was waiting to go into surgery. She came over and looked at me but I don’t remember much of it. Ashlee’s surgery followed mine but by the time she came into recovery, I was back in the same day surgery recovery area. We stayed in the recovery room for about an hour, and then were transferred back to our rooms and we started to recover fully before we were allowed to go back to the hotel. Our throats were a little sore from the tubes that are put into your windpipe for the surgery, but what hurt the most was taking big breaths. We had blood pressure lines put into our wrists after we were asleep so they could monitor our blood pressure closely, but those were taken out in the recovery room. The only thing we had when we went back to the same day surgery area, were our IV’s in our hands. Those came out a short time later after the nurses saw that we could eat and drink OK. We weren’t sick or anything. The food was good and we were hungry since we couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight. Dr Malekmehr came in a couple of times to check on us, and our parents were with us the whole time. The nurses gave both of us breathing devices that had 3 balls in tubes to get us to take deep breaths. That’s what hurt. But we kept trying and gradually got better. There was pain medication available when we needed it and it wasn’t bad at all. We were so glad not to have sweaty hands anymore that we didn’t really care. Both of our hands were completely dry when we woke up and have been since! It was the first thing we checked for when we woke up. Our hands were also very warm too which was different from before. Before, they were always cold and clammy but not now. They were almost hot for the first couple of days, but now feel normal. We left the hospital at 7 pm that night with pain pills and went back to the hotel. We slept propped up on pillows, which helped decrease the pain to breath. Your ribs are pretty sore for the first 2 days after the operation, but by the third day it’s pretty much gone.

Day Three: It’s Friday morning and we are on our way to see Dr. Malekmehr for our follow up visit after surgery. It still hurts to take deep breaths, but we are getting 2 of the 3 balls up on the triflow so it’s getting better. He did a post op physical and said that everything looked good. Ashlee had some diminished breath sounds in her right upper lobe of her lung, so he emphasized making sure that we really did our best with the breathing machine. We are getting 2 balls up most of the time, and are moving the third one so we are getting better. We are able to do most regular activity without getting too tired. We did some site seeing today, went down to Newport Beach and ate there and looked around at the shops and the beach. We got a manicure for the first time! We never did before because of our sweaty hands. It was fun.

Day Four: We are back to 80% or better. We switched from the Tylenol #3′s we were taking to just plain Motrin. It worked fine for the pain now. The pain is mostly gone, really only hurts to cough. We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park today and did fine. We fly home early in the morning so will go back to the hotel early and get a good nights sleep.

Day Five: We left for home today. We are basically back to normal. Dr. Malekmehr said that we could do what ever we needed to as long as we felt OK It’s back to school tomorrow. None of our friends know that we had this done, except for our best girl friend. We are going back without anyone knowing we even had this problem, which is great. We both were really embarrassed about it, but it is gone now thanks to Dr. Malekmehr and both of us will be forever grateful.

Dr. Malekmehr,

I write this letter to tell you about my situation, and how it was a problem for me.

As for in school I couldn’t concentrate in writing because I would always leave the paper wet and smear my writing. I wouldn’t want to work or participate. Also when I was little it would get the teachers attention and they would think it was caused by family problems at home.

Well, the thing is that it would bother me, I would feel uncomfortable. I would feel like I would put myself down not wanting to go out dancing or do other things with people I would feel embarrassed to shake their hands. As with my boyfriend I wouldn’t hold hands when I really wanted to. As in our sex life it wouldn’t bother him but it would bother me. I never felt comfortable. In addition, at work I couldn’t take vital signs because of the sweating and that would make me more nervous and I would sweat more. As for my baby I would leave her clothes wet.

In conclusion, I decided to have the surgery, the results were really good. I don’t feel intimidated and I feel like I could do a lot more things, feeling good about myself. Especially more comfortable with people around me. I love the results and I love writing on my paper. The surgery was quick and not that painful after. And my hands haven’t sweat ever since. Thank you.

Maribel Ortiz

November 2000

Dear Dr. Malekmehr:

I would like to give a deep and heart felt thank you to you and your staff at White Memorial Medical Center. I had Hyperhidrosis on my palms, soles of my feet, as well as my armpits. Due to this condition I avoided contact with the hands and any social situations. The isolation I brought upon myself led me to depression. I was nervous and anxious all the time because I felt scrutinized by my own peers, friends, and family. Also I recently graduated from college and was on my way to interviewing with an array of companies in hopes of landing a position. Everyone wants to make a good impression with a future possible employer. The confidence I brought with me to the interview was ahead of me. The ETS surgery that was performed on me was a complete success. Hyperhidrosis is a condition I don’t have to focus my energy on anymore. Compensatory sweating a side effect you will encounter and will hear about when you look into ETS. But in my own experience I hardly have any compensatory sweating when my body is in a resting state. But when I do cardiovascular activities such as exercising or running only then do I have sweating. But what person doesn’t sweat when they are conditioning their heart. The amount of sweat is normal and is actually less compared to my past workouts before I had ETS. I urge and recommend to anyone who has Hyperhidrosis to look into ETS. It will cure this condition so you can lead a normal and happy life. It is the only long-term solution on the market that gives expeditious results literally after surgery. I personally will be happy to answer any questions or uncertainties you may have on the results, side effects, and complications of ETS. But let me assure you that it works!!!! My palms, armpits, and feet have been warm and dry since the operation and will stay that way. Thank you Dr. Malekmehr.

Sincerely a happy and content patient,
R. Madarang